In light of unending controversy and seemingly unattainable progress in contemporary cultural warfare, we at Fox Enterprises Limited proclaim our mission statement. This includes several constitutional principles as well as some Christian precepts familiar to most people:
  1. The belief that our Creator (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) has endowed us with unalienable rights such as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. We assert that these rights extend to the unborn. We acknowledge liberty includes the right to bear arms and also the right to make decisions free from government control, but we do not recognize any supposed "right" to killing children. According to our Founding Fathers government exists not to give liberty, but to ensure it.
  2. The biblical principles of love God first, and love your neighbor as yourself.
  3. The principle of "Trust, but Confirm". In the battles we fight, facts and accuracy of the truth are vital. Make sure your information is the truth. Also, confirm any claims by the opposition; lies are powerful only if they are not detected and exposed. Question all things (1 Thess. 5:1), including the questions of others.
  4. Hold fast to your own convictions, but be wary of losing the war for obsession with winning a battle. The cause must be put first, not our factions. Special interest groups must not control the lives of the whole.
  5. We fight the enemy, not each other.
Fox Enterprises Limited is devoted to strengthening the Christian presence on the web for the purposes of spreading the Word of God, and therefore the love demonstrated by Christ, through out the world. We believe this mission, as explicitly commanded in the Holy Bible, extends from the heart into the lives of each believer. In order to follow Christ's commands and example we must strive to teach and live the truth and support it in all things. The only way we can do what needs to be done is by inspiring our fellow Americans to action. Evil progresses only because the righteous do nothing to stop it. (Edmund Burke)

There are several forces visibly at work in our culture which have strong affects on our people. Two of these forced are politics and intellectual pursuits. It is here where Fox Enterprises Limited hopes to have the most impact.

The conservative movement in the United States is the place where the Christian community has the strongest political voice and it is our goal to encourage a Christ-centered agenda. We hope to accomplish this goal with the utmost integrity and unity of spirit and mind. We do not encourage breaking from the major conservative force, the Republican Party, since it is this body which is most influential in battling those who oppose our Creator. Until that changes (and it is expected to eventually change) we will continue to support the GOP. We do encourage individual thought and effort, but also encourage a unified and organized movement. We would discourage intra-partisan division during the most important and impacting political events, such as a Presidential election. Most importantly we hope to undo certain mistakes of the past: namely, allowing unGodly men to take control of our government by telling fellow believers to stay away from politics. We must encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to take an interest in politics, and get involved.

In the intellectual realm, such as scientific circles, the Christian faith is best represented as the Creationist/Intelligent Design view. We recognize the concept that a Creator and an atheistic natural system are polar opposites on the issue of the origin of the universe, of life, or the meaning of life. An open-minded view of reality suggests the evidence does not support a natural system guided solely by randomness. Therefore we must reject the atheistic world view of evolution as well as the ideas of theistic evolution. These two concepts are incompatible with the Biblical descriptions of creation because there was no death before sin entered the world (1 Corinthians 15:21; Romans 8:20-22; Romans 5:12). We see the controversy of creation vs. evolution as merely a playing field in the greater battle of Good vs. Evil. We would state that the teaching of evolution or theistic evolution, Darwinism, or any other such belief based on anti-religious bias and misrepresentation is a danger to the well being of our world, individually and collectively. Unlike the subjective worlds of philosophy and politics, we see the scientific basis of this fight to allow for minimal compromise. If science is the search for fact and/or truth, then there should be minimal allowance for opinion. Speculation is highly discouraged, though sometimes necessary; we do understand the fact that there will always be more questions. We believe, in the Creationist worldview, theories serve the facts; in the evolutionist worldview, the facts serve the theories. People may be entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.